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September Blog

just feeling what it's like to be a woman

Hi all well it’s been awhile since the last one. A lot has been happening, well everybody else thinks so,my brain still can focus on  a number of different projects at the same time, everybody has always thought that I could only focus on one thing,walking and balance and nothing else. But since I have […]

The (late) New Year Blog


Well I trust and hope everyone had a great celebration of the holy time of Christmas and let’s all look forward to a great New Year.  I feel we should embrace the new year… As hopefully we won’t have another like the last couple. Not that they haven’t been a life changing amazing experience. So […]

Minturn Xmas Missive

Minturn Xmas Minturn

Well that time of year has just come around so quick. I’d have to say its certainly been the most interesting year I have ever had.  I really feel such a new person, it’s like  a couple of Christmas’s ago  maybe I was given a new brain  as a present by someone, I think it […]

Feeling A Little Bit Minturn

International Debut

First all sorry if I’m repeating myself again .When your  given very little memory, especially  of the last 1 0  years it is a fairly common occurrence the  repeating of thoughts and lack of memory. I have  now realised  that I didn’t just have a kite surfing accident but something in the brain a bit […]

Introducing Minturn

Swimming Therapy

I’m just starting to get awareness of what actually happened, what an amazingly big accident, life threatening occurrence it was.  I realise now only for the first time how it was a lot more than just a simple kitesurfing accident but a real threat to my life. Anyway I’m back now, well I think about […]

From Nic’s Secretaries

Juice for TBI

Hello Friends, Wow! Here at HQ we have been overwhelmed with e-mails since Nic’s video went online last week with his latest blog. In fact, a lot of people over the last year and a half have been sending in e-mails to Nic but are becoming somewhat disgruntled at the lack of response. Unfortunately, the […]

August: Belief’s & Discove...

Hey  to you all, Just thought I’d let you know a few current thinks from me My memory is cleverly avoiding the idea of ever  doing  a  honest days work let a lone an hours work again,oh clever head,not that it ever worked too hard. I never realised how useful that brain beast was., I’d […]

4th of July

physio for brain injury

Hi, 4th of July was the saying goodbye to hospital day,  it became a rather emotional end to what I now call one of the best years of my life. I spoke with a good doctor friend and he filled me in on some me past weeks early in the yearThey had got my future  […]

Update from HQ – Visitors


Well friends, been awhile huh? Thank you for all the kind inquiries as to how HQ is traveling and what life for us looks like at the moment…  The answer is that for HQ life is more hectic, more full on and more chaotic then we could’ve ever imagined. Despite this it remains a joyous […]

Emotional Lability

Emotional Lability

Hey Ya, The expression for your understanding this week is EMOTIONAL LABILITY My reaction to people seems burdened with a bucket of emotion at the moment. It’s connected to the problem in the brain. So,  what is emotional lability? To quote the Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Service: “Emotional lability refers to rapid, often exaggerated changes […]

The importance of neuro physiotherapi...

Floor Physio

Physios have reminded me of a real treasure of people that care and share for all the individual moving bits on a human body. Memory aside I have learnt that they’ve been interpreting my accident from the start when the left side of my body wasn’t participating in any game of movement because of hindrance […]

It’s Our One Year Anniversary!

Last Saturday Surfing @ Point Leo

Well friends, waiters, strangers, voyers and fellow journeyors… Here we are – one year since the accident and from when Nic’s Sore Head began. On the 7th of March 2012 this crazy adventure began, and whilst some of the details of the day will always remain elusive, we do know that for a fact the […]

Happy New Year!

Horizon Gazing

Dearest Waiters and Friends, Thank you for your endless stream of love for Nic’s birthday, he had a lovely quiet day as he wished and spent the majority of it with his OT (occupational therapist) and family visiting his home where he is soon to go back to live. That’s right!!!! Nic is coming home […]

Some Festive Cheer

Some Festive Cheer

Ho ho ho Waiters! Well here we are at the festive season celebrating more Nic-chievements. Firstly, Nic has had yet another shift forward in the last few weeks and in reflection we believe that he would now be sitting at level 6 on the ranchos scale with glimmers of seven and eight teased through. For […]

Nic Inc (aka NBHQ)

nic skiing

Greetings Friends!! Last Friday Nic made a smoothie in occupation therapy…. Fuzzy make feel nice much?! It does prompt the question though, what work exactly from HQ goes into Nic’s every day and into making a smoothie? You could be forgiven for thinking that we at HQ spend our time sitting with large sticks outside […]

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Statement From The Family

A Message From the Family:

Our blog is endeavouring to fulfill the need for connection between the multitude of people in Nic’s life. Without it there is no way we could meet your needs for information. This may seem a rather too public means of communication for some, but for family and friends far and near , in various stages of grief it has become our lifeline.

We believe that these updates give the information and more importantly inspiration that we need at this time. We now understand this is not a hundred metre dash; we have embarked on a marathon with no clear finish line. We take great solace in your messages and support, and receive every one of them with deep gratitude. Yours Faithfully,

John, Jasmine, Claire, Mark and Jon

Song For Nic (copyright Tim Hall)

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